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I can't get my past love out of my head

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Hi Mark,

I love your site and have greatly benefitted in all kinds of ways but I wonder if you can advise me here. I dated a woman for three years and she ended up leaving me because I got so jealous and possessive. Our relationship had it's ups and downs and I finished with here twice but we got back together. Well I guess she was my first proper girlfriend. We were both 18 when we started dating. But I'd never felt so connected with anyone before. She broke up with me a year ago and it was final. But I just can't forget about her. She is now with someone else and has moved away. She still says 'hi' sometimes on FB but that's about it. I contacted her a lot at first but not any more. But every morning she's the first thing on my mind and every night before I go to sleep. I know I have to move on and did date another woman for three months but it just wasn't the same. Can you offer any words of advice or which download I should use?

This question was submitted by 'Jerry'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your kind words about our website. You felt a connection like you'd never felt before with this woman at 18. Now my immediate response is that no wonder you feel like you have lost the one for you.

But I think this was like a promising preview before the main feature comes along. You finished with her twice and I want you to really think hard why that was. Why it had reached a point that you wanted out? Intensity is so often mistaken for love.

The first time we truly connect with someone it does feel, of course, amazing and right. But I want you to think about the possibility that there will be woman in your future with whom you'll connect with even more. Now that may seem impossible right now but I just want you to bear it in mind as a possibility.

Use the 'Getting over a relationship' download.

Relax to it every day for two weeks and you'll notice a huge difference. You will come to feel that this woman was a very important part of life for a while but there are all kinds of possibilities for you in your future beyond that relationship.

All my best,

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