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What hypnosis sessions do I need for letting go of the past and preparing for a competitive exam?

Hi Mark,

Can you recommend which hypnosis MP3s I should listen to?

I am preparing for a highly competitive exam, which has a passing rate of only 40-50%. I have attempted it in the past, but not succeeded, so have decreased confidence levels.

Also, I don't have a single healthy relationship in my life. I have a loving husband and parents, but still feel lonely most of the time, as there have been issues with them in the past and I am unable to let go of that. There are also too many negative and toxic people around me, which brings me down many times.

Is it possible to get a custom download from you that will cater to all my issues?

This question was submitted by 'Resham'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Resham and thank you for your questions.

First off, we don't have the capacity to do custom designed downloads, but that probably isn't necessary, anyway.

I think for your upcoming exam you can read the 'Overcome Exam and Test Nerves' article and also use the 'Overcoming Exam Nerves' download.

Now, as for feeling alone even whilst with your loving husband and parents. I would really like more information about that, but you could certainly give the 'Let It Go' download a try.

All best wishes,


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