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How should I feel when hypnotised?

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I have been listening to a download now for a few weeks and I'm not sure how I should be feeling while I'm listening - should I be concentrating intensely on it and acutely aware of what is being said or should be I zoning out? More often than not I find myself zoning out and only waking up again at the end of the session. Can you provide hints for me to ensure proper hypnosis is achieved?

This question was submitted by 'Laura'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

The zoning out you describe is an excellent state to be in when relaxing in hypnosis. Hypnosis is essentially a tool for powerful learning. When you don't seem to be listening a part of you still is - just as when in a dream at night you might not seem to be responding to external reality but if someone calls your name loudly you may awaken.  It's often when people don't seem to be paying attention to a suggestion or idea that they learn it 'at a deeper level'.  So, when you 'zone out' that's perfect.

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