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How can I relax and relieve my tension?

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I'm unable to relax or relieve my tension. I'm caring for my sick dad, who has neurological disease. Every day has been stressful for the past six months.

Can you suggest any coping method? It's affecting my daily routine and physical health, not just my mental health. I end up procrastinating often. Please help.

This question was submitted by 'Pexi'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Pexi and thank you for writing in.

It must be very hard for both you and your dad at the moment. You will be better able to look after your dad when you also look after yourself enough to have the spare capacity to better care for him. Just as when we get benefits of exercise between exercise sessions and not just during the time we are actually exercising, so too the benefits of even just ten minutes of relaxation will last many hours so that general stress levels in your body become lower more of the time.

I suggest you make a point of taking ten minutes every day, perhaps after you've eaten or even before you start the day caring for your dad, and listen to 'Ten Minute Power Nap'.

It's also important that, where possible, you meet your own needs as well as the needs of your dad during this difficult time. I suggest you read this article on the primal human needs and consider also listening to 'Meet Your Human Needs' and maybe 'Carer's Stress Relief'.

All best wishes to both you and your dad,


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