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How often should I listen to my hypnosis download?

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How often should one listen to a particular hypnosis download before expecting effect or knowing they have listened enough times? I have a few and I usually listen before sleeping, usually a different one each night. Should it be the same one or does it matter?

This question was submitted by 'Joanne'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Joanne, and thanks for your question.

The short answer depends.

The proof of a hypnosis session is in its effect, of course; both in the way it makes you feel when you listen to it and, more importantly, how it changes your experience of either a particular issue or life in general. So sessions that have to do with a 'life in general' shift tend to need to be listened to much more than one that has to do with a specific issue like feeling more relaxed in meetings at work or something like that.

Like anything, including medicines, different people respond differently. For many people, listening once will have a major benefit, whereas others might need longer. We have a 90-day money-back guarantee so that people have enough time to let it work for them. But, obviously, we'd like the session to have at least started to make a big difference well within that time.

You can mix and match the sessions and use them as you feel is right. So, you could use one each night for a week, then move on to the next, or listen to a different one each night and alternate like that. I would listen to the one that is the most important to you first and keep using it until you start to see major results.

All the best,


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