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Getting back to sporting excellence after my daughter's cancer and the death of my horse

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Hi Mark,

I am new to hypnosis, but have used several of your downloads successfully in the past year. I would like to ask your advice about a download for a specific issue that doesn't exist in your database.

About five years ago, my then-4-year-old daughter underwent treatment for a really nasty cancer. The treatment was difficult and there was a question for quite some time whether she would survive or not. I believe that, to some extent, I developed PTSD as a result. I have successfully managed the symptoms through multiple methods, but have one specific problem that I sincerely want resolved!

Prior to Olivia's cancer, I was a competitive cross-country event rider. I spent ten years raising and training a lovely horse, who died suddenly in his stall shortly after Olivia finished treatment. Since then, I have failed to get my riding level even close to where it was prior to these events.

There are some very specific things about the discipline of Dressage that are related to the mind/body relationship. For example, if I subconsciously 'close' my body (round shoulders, closed hip joint), I can effectively block the energy of the horse from flowing forward. This causes all kinds of problems, as you can imagine. I know these things, yet I seem helpless to correct this posture.

Hypnosis will help, but I haven't located anything that seems like the right content. Is there something existing that you can recommend or do I need to seek a 'custom' download?


This question was submitted by 'Jennifer'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Jennifer,

It sounds like you went through such an awful time. But, as you say, you have dealt with it save this one residual problem. I don't want to get too psycho-babbly about it, but the fact is that you cling so tightly to the horse in a restrictive way and of course you lost that horse way back then. Have you let go of the horse that died? Do you still feel bad to recall its sudden death or does it still feel very raw to recall it?

I realize the horse wasn't a pet in the normal sense, but if you feel there is some shock that still hasn't dissipated from the death of this horse or that in some way you still grieve it, then you could think about using the 'Death of a Pet' download. And it might be worth you using the 'Get in the Zone' session as a way of re-evoking your past flow, focus, and riding level.

I suggest you try these approaches and let me know how you get on.

All best wishes,


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