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I fear I've lost the love of my life through my insecurity. Please help.

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I think I have lost the love of my life and father of my baby due to my insecurities about his past. I am always thinking, even when I don't say this to him, that he will find someone else better or meet up with an ex overseas and spark something that we have somehow lost due to issues that we are having over how I can't forget the past and move forward like he has.

I know he loved me, but I am not sure anymore because I have called him all the bad things in this world and keep bringing up the past when we have issues. But I wish to stop this because it's pushing him further away and he is running out of patience, I am sure.

He is the best man that I have ever met and a great father to our baby. Even though we have plans for the future, I fear for him and myself that these issues will arise and draw us back to how things are now. I want to get over my insecurities and trust him because I don't want to lose him over it. I want to be able to trust him fully and put the past in the past, as he has changed so much in our relationship and since I fell pregnant with our first baby girl, who is now seven months old.

Thanks for all the free emails that you've sent. They have opened my eyes and I am learning to appreciate and support him fully, as I should. I hope to hear from you soon. I know I need help and I have gone through most (if not all) websites on Google to try to resolve these issues that I have, but it hasn't been a permanent fix so far.

I want us to be happy!

This question was submitted by 'Grace'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Grace, and thanks for writing in.

It sounds like you are still together, even though you started off saying you fear you've lost the love of your life.

The past and future are both processed through the imagination. So when you can better learn to use, rather than misuse, your imagination and sometimes not use it at all - so you can see what's real and actual rather than just worrying - then you will all be happier, including even your baby.

It also sounds like you have taken steps to make things better already and you are really trying. I'm not trying to get you to spend money for the sake of it, but you could try '10 Steps to Overcome Insecurity in Relationships.

You need to use your mind in a different way and this program will help you do that. It sounds like everything is in place for a good life and it will be even better when you sort this out.

All my best,


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