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Do the effects of hypnosis downloads fade?

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Do hypnosis effects fade away after a while? My hypnotherapist said that listening to hypnosis MP3s with suggestions will not last long, so we have to listen to it on a daily/weekly basis. On the other hand, he says hypnotherapy effects are permanent. Can you explain this more? Thanks.

This question was submitted by 'Simon'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your question. Well, I see hypnosis downloads as a way of getting people started with a healthier behaviour - like a 'step up'. So, for example, if you use the session to help you feel relaxed and confident in meetings at work or when flying and then you go have the actual experience of confident meetings or comfortable flying, you have learned something very powerful. Your mind can then start to incorporate the experiences that the downloads enabled you to have for further and future confidence.

Downloads can be more effective than hypnotherapy because you can listen to them as many times as you need, at no extra cost, until they do 'stick'. But remember that the unconscious mind is extremely good at learning deeply and quickly and when it learns a better way of going about things, it tends to stick to the easier, more adaptive, and beneficial way so the person can develop more effectively. The downloads don't replace therapy, but they can be remarkably effective - sometimes more effective than years of expensive therapy, according to the feedback we have had.

All best wishes,


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