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I need to find a script that helps with bladder hypersensitivity, do you have one?

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Hi Mark,

I have a client with 'bladder hypersensitivity'. Enuresis is not the issue and I'm sure that bladder control can be improved with suitable hypnotherapy given the information I have so far.

I need to make sure that there is no underlying pathology that is limiting retention capabilities, but given the history it would appear that there isn't.

Can't find a script in the lists that would be suitable, but I might be missing one. Can you advise, please?

Best regards,


This question was submitted by 'Michael'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Michael,

We do have 'Overactive Bladder Treatment', which you may find useful.

I want to emphasize that scripts should never be directly read to clients (not that I'm suggesting you would), but can be a great source of ideas to help produce your own creative inner work with your client.

All best wishes,


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