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10 year old with fear of swallowing

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Hi Mark

My 10 year old daughter has been suffering with a fear of swallowing/fear of choking for the past year. We have had the whole gamut of testing done to rule out a physical problem and even had her tonsils removed to stop a problem she was having with tonsillitis (which although bothersome did not cause any swallowing difficulties per se).

She was ultimately diagnosed with general anxiety and we have been seeing a psychologist who has been trying to help us gradually desensitize her to solid foods (she has been on a liquid diet since last July, although we do have her trying some solids at this point, but she is not able to eat them without pureeing them in her mouth).

Anyway--just wondering if the programs you offer are recommended for children and also if the globus hystericus download would be the one that would apply to her situation. Please advise when you have a moment.

This question was submitted by 'Sharon'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Thank for you getting in touch Sharon. I wonder if anything in particular scared your daughter a year back?

We do have general hypnotic section specifically for children as you may have seen 'Children's Hypnosis' and something like the generic 'Confidence for Children' may help your daughter relax more generally. I think our 'Overcome Globus Hystericus' session, although it has a little bit of hypnosis chat at the beginning which may seem a bit "grown up" for her may well prove very useful as all our hypnosis sessions use language that is straight forward and easy to understand.

I hope your daughter gets what she needs soon.


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