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Anxiety/fear with health and everyday situations

Megan Charles's picture


I've just downloaded your Chronic Fatigue (CFS) hypnotherapy - thank you!

I was after advice on another hypnotherapy audio to choose - basically, I have Severe CFS AND am suffering from fear and anxiety about a lot of everyday life things that when I was well, I didn't even think about. I'm house bound, as so unwell, and find it hard to do even the smallest tasks like having a shower, talking to someone for more than a few minutes, reading, making a cup of tea some days without my symptoms getting worse - like dizziness, fatigue, headaches, etc.

Sorry to go into so much detail, but basically the fear and anxiety of the symptoms from potentially doing any of these tasks is always there. Do you have any hypnotherapy tracks that might be of any benefit?

(I've looked at the social phobia ones, but they're not quite right as I actually WANT to see people but it very quickly causes flare ups. It's the fear of doing anything causing worsening of symptoms.)

Thank you soooo much for any advice!


Rebekah Hall's picture

Hi Megan,

Thank you for your question. Firstly, as you work with the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome session, you should find that it can help with much of what you've described.

But if you need further help, below you'll find links to a couple of sessions that should complement that session.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team