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Ask Mark Anything

Now's your chance to ask Mark Tyrrell absolutely anything!

Mark will attend to questions from Growth Zone members before non-members, so if you have a pressing question then you can join the Growth Zone here to skip the queue.  If you're already a member you can use this priority form to submit your question.

Please note that although Mark will do his best to answer your question, he still has to select questions that he thinks he can make a decent job of answering!

Mark Tyrrell

What can you ask?

Full disclosure, your question will be read and answered by Mark live on video and will be available for public viewing, so please don't reveal anything you're not comfortable sharing.

Sidebar; if you're a professional therapist and have a question about a client, please use the monthly Q&A available for our practitioner courses and in our 'Netflix for Therapists', Uncommon Practitioners' TV.

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