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Having trouble relaxing

Richard Purdy's picture

I can't fully relax during your hypnosis session. I always feel like I have to stay half awake, I'm always in alert mode. When I almost have glimpses of full deep relaxation, I just freak out and quickly go back to where I was before. I can't feel deeply relaxed or safe. It's too scary to have deep satisfying relaxation. It sorta feels like death. I also can't relax because my solar plexus beats 100 miles per hour, and it's way too distracting during the sessions. I find I can't even listen to the words I'm so distracted in how I unrelaxed I am. I can't relax.

On a completely different side note, I feel like I always have to prepare myself into the correct mindset every time the microwave comes on. Or turning on lights, electronics, lamps. If I have a thought about DMT while the microwave is on, I feel like while standing next to the microwave, the microwave waves can travel to my brain waves and burn the DMT waves in my brain. This is just what I believe but it feels so real.

Rebekah Hall's picture

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your question. As noted in our Frequently Asked Questions here, there's no one perfect place or way to listen to our sessions. If you have trouble relaxing fully, then try listening to the session while doing light housework or on a walk in the park and see what kind of results you get with that. :)

On the side note, the microwave oven in your house does not emit anywhere near the strength of power needed to actually affect your brain health. As noted in this article, "there’s no need to worry about every day exposure to microwaves or radiofrequency levels" and the studies that have shown potential for harm do so using "magnitudes of power far greater than anything the average human will be exposed to".

And to note, I have to include a suggested session or two in order to submit this reply form, so you'll find those below.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team