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I'm at my deepest down at the moment I need all the sessions

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I can't forget the past to move on, I am stuck thanks to the actions of others who made it difficult for me to move on from guilt tripping to passive aggressive to mind games I became so confused and gradually I can no longer speak or stand up for myself now I am chronically unhappy life is a constant struggle while I watch the people who put me into this situation flourish and being happy and they have completely moved on - something they prevented me from doing by totally muting me I can't forget because I was just being myself I wasn't looking for anybody's trouble I just wanted to grow and flourish and achieve my potential and stuff like that before this people brought trouble into my life and got into my head with all sorts of manipulation and messed with me and it was continuous so I was unable to cope as I was 17 it was during my school days still affecting me till today. Now I need a way to genuinely forget because without this, I don't think any true healing or growth can happen

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling the way you are. Please note that hypnosis can't make anyone "genuinely forget" something, but it can help 'unhook' the emotional charge from the memory so that the memory gets stored in long-term storage - you still remember, but the memory ceases to bother the present day so much. And true healing and growth can happen without forgetting - I'd say that we actually need to remember in order to learn from the past and move forward in a different, better direction.

Given all that you've said, I'd recommend seeking help from a qualified professional who can help meet your personal needs in a customized, one-to-one session. But in the meantime, you'll find below links to a few sessions that can help.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team