Client having difficulty visualizing and going into trance

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My client is very much interested in past life regression which is my speciality.

I figured I would go for it even though the client told me she had difficulty meditating, quieting her analytical mind, and difficulty visualizing. I tried my best to "wear down" the concious mind, leaning into whatever she was feeling or seeing, but eventually she got overwhelmed, frustrated, and I brought her back up. I reassured her that there's no need to "force" hypnosis, etc. I told her we would try again with a different technique.

I am thinking she could benefit from confusion technique. Is there a regression type script for those who have similar challenges that my client does? Are there tips to help ease her into hypnosis to "learn" to be hypnotized?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi Morgan,

Thank you for your question. We don't use regression in our work, but there are a few scripts that you may find helpful for this client. The answer box here only links to the audio version, but you'll find a link to the script under 'Text version' on the right-hand side of the audio's page.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team