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Maintain change and stop slipping back into old ways

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I have spent years on self-improvement to find focused motivation, staying power, self-belief. Early this year, I worked through the Natural Depression Treatment Program, then I completed the utterly amazing 10 Steps to Solid Self Esteem and 10 Steps to Stellar Success courses and I felt grounded for the first time in my life, focused, comfortable in my own skin.

Days passed. I still felt the same - strong, centred, calm. The days became weeks and then months. Fantastic! I dared to start work on my novel - again. Made great progress.

And then I woke up one morning and, literally overnight, it was all gone; the old me was back. Putting it down to tiredness, I picked myself up and felt a bit nearer the new me but now with the weight of the old me around my neck. I continued like this and now I've woken up to the old me again, slowly grinding me down. Novel stalling. Frustration rising. How do I maintain the changes I worked so hard to make? Many thanks.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. Of course, as mentioned here, you can always go back and review any of the resources you already have for a 'top up' of the help they provided. :)

But for a bit extra assistance, below you'll find links to a few sessions that could help; have a look and see if any of them sound right to you.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team

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Good for you for getting to where you did. I hope you can remind yourself that YOU did that. It's a big deal, maybe a bigger deal than you are giving yourself credit for.

Those programs are great, I did both of those 10 Steps as well. Someone once told me our ways of thinking are like water. The water wears a path and creates channels where the water naturally wants to flow every time. You think about those channels being worn in over the years, water is going to keep wanting to go into that old channel. It's going to take some time to get the water flowing somewhere else permanently.

The good things are you recognized it, you know where you want to be, you know it's possible and you can redirect the flow.

Also: Is it true that you are the old you and lost all of the progress you made? Not saying it isn't true, but are you looking at it objectively? Is it possible you are just in a lull that will pass? Is it possible it could pass just by acknowledging it?

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