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Codepency/attracted to narcissistic men

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I'm looking for a session which will help me work on my inability to believe in myself and my value.  I had a difficult childhood with a violent father and narcissistic mother and as a result I am prone to not speak up for myself, accept emotional abuse and generally not be able to be true to myself in relationships.  All of my relationships have been with men with high narcissistic traits and have played out the same every time - he adores me at the start, love bombs me then as soon as he has secured my devotion he starts criticising me and bringing me down.  I am programmed to seek approval due to my narcissistic mum and frightened of men due to my violent, controlling dad - a toxic combination which keeps me stuck in codependency.  Can you please recommend a session if you have anything that would help?

Many thanks,


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Hi Jill,

Thank you for your question.

Below you'll find links to a couple of sessions that should help, along with Dealing with the Narcissist.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team