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I'm a certified life coach and struggle with fear every single time I have a client. Fear that I won't know how to help them, that I'll be stumped for words. The fear gets so overwhelming that now I see a picture of my office and start to feel nauseous! This is ridiculous! Every single session I've done has been transformative and highly successful. Consciously, I KNOW I'm good at what I do, but this fear is seriously holding me back from getting more clients. Additionally, I tend to schedule people way out even though I have time "today or tomorrow"! And this is because I'm convinced I need to do more research on their issue before I see them, or I need to read another coaching manual to gain more knowledge. Oh my gosh - it's ridiculous. I KNOW how to do this stuff!!!

What can you suggest for me? Thank you so much!!!

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I haven't listened to this one yet but this is my suggestion! I'm just a fan of the site. Thanks for posting I might get this one myself.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. The session suggested above is a good choice, but I'll also link below to another couple you may find helpful.

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