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My son has autism Aspergers syndrome

Darren Kilgariff's picture

I'm not 100 percent if hypnosis could help my son. He's 10 years old just going through puberty. He has a diagnosis of Autism (Aspergers syndrome). His main problems are socializing, anxiety, putting words down on paper in class. He becomes quite tearful in class due to his inability to put his words on paper (schoolwork). He often finds it difficult to know where he is going and often be standing in the corridor at school as if confused. His hands are always sore as he bites and picks at them.

My initial thought with such a myraid of problems was the shy less anxiety downloads then maybe specifics like hand biting productivity. I'm not really aware of how effective hypnosis is with Autism. Anyway any help appreciated.


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Hi Darren,

Thank you for your question. Below you'll find links to a couple of sessions that could help, but your son may most benefit from one-to-one sessions with a therapist trained in treating autistic clients as well as hypnosis.

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Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team