Mediocre past

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I am a dental assistant going to school to be a software developer. In my opinion, this will be a huge accomplishment. You must be really smart to be a software developer. I feel that I am smart but I have a history of being mediocre. Mediocre goals, mediocre effort and mediocre results.

I grew up in one of least educated towns. In fifth grade, I won the spelling bee in my class but not the whole school. In sixth grade I ran for president and on the day of my speech I was 'sick' at home. Quit the volleyball team when the competitions were starting. Didn't get accepted to the University so I went to the local college instead and then flunked. I was never really determined for any of these goals. They were just things I tried because someone said I should. But I don't want the same mediocre results for changing my career to be a software developer.

Also, I think the memories of my dad yelling at me for being shy, telling me I'm stupid and not worthwhile when I was a child are a factor.

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