Giving up Smoking

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I have been asked to help someone give up smoking.  This person gave up smoking some years ago, after a Hypnotherapist took her through a single session, where he led her to believe that she had NEVER been a smoker and could no longer smell cigarette smoke (the latter because she was concerned that the smell of smoke would make her start again).  She said it worked a treat and she only re-started some years later when there was a big trauma in her life.  I would happily send her back to the original Hypnotherapist, but she can't find him.... Does anyone have any ideas of a script I could use and adapt in this way please?

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Hi Carol,

Thank you for your question. We don't have a script like that, but you can click here to see our smoking cessation scripts.

And an audio version is linked below, because I have to select some audio to post an answer. :)

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team

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