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I have researched a bit and found out that dreams are generally nothing but extension of your uncontrolled thoughts which creep into sleep. I'm currently practicing to become aware in my everyday life. For eg. Eating, walking, talking, sitting etc. With total consciousness, so that somehow I can create a distance between thoughts and "me". But I've also come to know that with more awareness that awareness also slips into sleep and therefore there are less/no dreams, making sleep qualitatively very different.

I'm thinking of a second route. I'm looking for on how to break the dreams in between or how to become aware that you're dreaming without losing sleep. I've read that if one reaches such a state then dreams break and when there are no dreams to look at consciousness arises which is always there and that is an amazing experience. Plus it significantly improves awareness in daily life which currently I'm trying hard to do. Are there any downloads?

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Hi Rounak,

Many thanks for your question. We only create hypnosis downloads for topics with which we have had personal experience treating or which have a reasonable research-base supporting hypnosis as a potential treatment. I'm afraid that lucid dreaming doesn't fall into either of these categories. I'm sorry we couldn't be of help this time round.

For more on dreaming, its importance to mental health, and why it should be left alone to do its work, you might like these resources:



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