Fear of falling - on stairs, steps, uneven ground and even on flat ground

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Hi All,

A lady has approached me for help with having the confidence to walk on flat ground and up and down steps and stairs.  She feels she can never 'trust her feet' and has fallen many times.  Her Mother also wasn't able to 'trust her feet' and fell frequently.  My friend began falling in her 20's, it became more frequent in her 40's and now she is in her 60's and has had many, many  falls.  Once she fell and broke her ankle and that ankle has remained weak.  To make matters worse she and her husband were frequently required to entertain on board ships and she has had many falls going down into ship's cabins - once ending in a crumpled heap at the feet of her husband's superiors - people he was trying to impress.  After this particular fall her husband asked her to '...at least refrain from falling in front of VIP's..'   So for many years she has know that her falling down has been an embrassment to herself and to her husband.  She is having physio to strenghten her legs and feet.


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Below you'll find links to a couple of downloads that should help.

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