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confrontation skills

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I own a niche contracting company and manage several employees, I am great at boosting them up, pointing out their qualities and teaching them what I know. I am terrible at criticising them even when they are blatantly wrong.  I am often given ridiculous excuses or other unacceptable tactics when I do say something such as them playing dumb or just a blank stare until I stop talking. I will internally be annoyed that they showed up late or did the exact opposite of what I said to do but outwardly I would be making excuses for their behavior. Over time their behavior gets worse and I get internally angrier until finally, I end up firing them. I have always had a problem with confrontation although I don't know why. My parents were very lax and never punished or screamed at me or each other. I know this has hurt my business and career. Your thoughts?

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Hi Al,

Thank you for your question.

I've listed a number of downloads below for your consideration. I hope you find one or more of them to be a great fit for your needs. :)

Best wishes,

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