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I struggle to get up in the mornings; I am often late for work and sometimes call in sick because I

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I am so depressed that I am having difficulty getting out of bed some days and am now starting to miss work. I love my job and the stress in my life is not job-related. I have never been a morning-person and am recently more tired and lethargic (depression?) most days, but now I am hitting the snooze button and not able to get up when my alarm goes off. This is making me either late for work, or calling in sick. When I am at work I am a dfferent person, able to apply myself, to focus and concentrate. I work hard - long hours and a lot of overtime, and am happier at work than at home. I have virtually no personal life, by choice really; my job takes up 95% of my time - an unhealthy choice, I know. But now I am struggling to even get there every day. "Bounce Out of Bed' has not helped after 5 days - should I give it longer? Is it because I listen to it at night that it hasn't helped yet?