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Which download for fear of seeing accidents, blood, etc.?

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I am using these downloads to help overcome some fears of seeing unpleasant stuff happening both in films etc. (secondary reason) and (mainly) because I volunteer at parkrun and am training to be a cross country race official, and you do encounter stuff fairly consistently such as people vomiting and people breaking bones, cutting themselves, catching themselves on other people's shoe spikes, etc. We're not talking road accident-style trauma, but unpleasant enough.

I have had some good success with the Fear of Others Vomiting download and am thrilled with that. I have also downloaded Panic Attacks, however I haven't really had a panic attack seeing other stuff than vomiting as I avoid situations where I might see this in the first place! For Fear of Others Vomiting, I had to visualise a scene I'd witnessed and play it back and forth - this was extremely effective but woudn't work so well with something I haven't seen yet! Worrying about the future doesn't seem right as it WILL happen!

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Hi Liz,

Thank you for your question.

For things you haven't yet seen, it can work to picture an imagined scene, as the point of doing so isn't the replaying of the incident but the focus on imagining yourself staying calm and composed when it comes time for you to actually encounter the thing you're fearing. The more you mentally rehearse feeling calm and composed in those situations, the more your mind gets the message that calm and composure is the appropriate response when you find yourself facing a real world event.

We don't have a download for fear of blood because a great many people who have that fear end up fainting when they see blood and we don't feel it's ethical to have a recording suggest they imagine something that could cause them to faint when they're alone listening to an audio. So for that issue, we strongly recommend seeking out a practitioner who can work with you one-on-one.

Below, I've tagged a couple of downloads for you to consider. I hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team