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Choosing proper downloads for thematic of failure

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Good day! I was wondering which download(s) I should get for a redundant problem of failure, at work and in my studies.

Context: I went to university, have a good intellect (good ability to analyse, criticize), but I have close to no memory and no focus, forget fast what I spend countless hours to pack in my short memory circuits. Now I do a hands-on job as a sailor, but the result is the same than in the other contexts: I'm pretty rigid about failing. I have a charismatic, convincing fear of failure and high standards and criticism for myself. The experience of painful and useless study sessions turn the apprehension of studying into nightmare, lowers my self esteem and I look rather ridiculous at work, even if my deepest desire is to become efficient, respectable and very useful to others.

Q: Would you have certain suggestions of mp3 sessions for this lucky guy who will soon improve? ;) Have a good evening and thanks for reading the long message!


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Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

We have a number of downloads that can help and I've listed some of them below for you.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team