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I am older and just became a nurse (LPN) last year. I just got fired from my first and only nursing job. I was in over my head and made some mistakes, none of which hurt anyone, and also was so stressed I started being very negative. I question my decision. My direct manager says I am a good nurse with a lot of compassion, but I feel like such a failure. I don't do well in situations with a lot going on (I was in LTC skilled nursing) and worried about residents not being cared for properly and so ended up helping with care when I should have been concentrating on my work. There were endless distractions and short-staffing, and 3-11 shift has a lot of sundowning behaviors where I had to keep preventing falls, so that was more distractions. I also had a lot of phone calls (one night it was 35 calls) to respond to and orders to take off and enter in system, charting and ordering meds/supplies. I am an introvert, negative self talk and despairing over life. If not for my dog...

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

I've tagged several downloads below that I think can help. Please have a look and see what sounds like a good fit for your needs. :)

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