Delete repressed negative references.

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There are some actions I feel down about taking because I've done them thousands of times, and they end up badly for the most part, so I got a lot of bad reference experiences regarding that. 


Now I'm I'm a better place in my life and are capable of achieving good results, yet "something" stops me for trying each time, because of course the former negative references. 


I already got let it go and let go of the past hypnosis downloads, I'm using them but I don't know how effective they are for memories that are not conscious... 


So what else do you recommend in order to make me believe my ability to succeed? 



Already got "believe in yoirself" BTW. 

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I know these are a alot to deal with all at once but you can pick the ones you think would benefit you the most.

I hope this helps. Best wishes to you.

Recommended Downloads: 
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Hi Dor,

Can absolutely relate to your situation! Anticipatory Anxiety  is the download that stopped my imagination from creating complete storylines ; (always the worse case senerio of course).  Naturally that  story, created out of fear, worry and selfblame, was so strong! Just the thought of those past issues triggered the emotions that then started that vicous circle of retelling myself how nothing could change. Enter Self Sabatoge, which taught me that the fear of suceeding (in making positive changes),  rears it's ugly head right before a major breakthrough (-:  So, to prevent myself from not making time for these listening to my various audios daily?? I got The Hypnosis Habit.  That audio alone is ideal for anyone who finds themselves slacking on the daily hypnosis habit.  I really encourage you to try purchasing at least the first two and really stick with it.  Life is so much easier now in many areas from those 2 audios.  Good luck!

Recommended Downloads: