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Which issue to tackle first?

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I have social (I want to be more relaxed and charismatic, talkative in social settings, and to meet people) and self-esteem (I want to be more accepting of my appearance and not self-conscious) issues. I'm not sure which one to deal with first. Does it matter? Or should I deal with the issue that bothers me the most?

Thank you


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Hi AJ,

Thank you for your question. My advice is always to tackle the issue that feels most important or urgent to you. And also keep in mind that improving one area will very often have knock-on effects in other areas. For instance, being less self-conscious may make you more at ease in social settings and help ease the issues you describe in that area.

I've listed some downloads below for you to consider as starting points. I hope it helps!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team