Clinical Hypnosis for Woman

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20-year-old woman with the mentality of a 12-year-old. Was left in an orphanage at birth, both wrists each tied to the side of the crib. Fed liquid food, no solid. Was adopted at 18 months by an American single mother. Is now well cared for and loved. Problem: consciously or unconsciously taps mother or people at various times during conversation. Otherwise seems well cared for and loved. I believe this desire to tap comes from being neglected as a baby and is not surfacing as a conscious need to be accepted as being present and needing attention. Has difficulty speaking clearly, whispers and turns head away from person speaking. Suggestions for hypnosis scripts?

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Hi John,

Thank you for your question. I asked for Mark's assistance with answering this and he said it does seem to be, maybe, some stress-induced repetitive behaviour as a vestige from past, perhaps pre-conscious, neglect.

He's suggested you have a look at Let Go of the Past and Breaking Bad Habits. I hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team

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