physical effects when among people (social phobia)

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Hi Roger Elliot, (specialist of social phobia)

I'd like to ask you a simple question: which download would help best to change that automatic script in my body and certainly mind, that I'm going to fall when in front of a gathering of people, and the effect is a kind of imbalance,  legs staggering, a kind of dizziness. I've been working hard to stop the parylising effects. Now, for about 2 weeks, I've especially worked with the download called Social phobia, which helps a bit, and be yourself socially and I'm okay. It isn't easy to find the core problem and ti work on it. Your colleague, the lady, told me about the effect of freezing when in front of people instead of the flight or fight response. 

Please, let me know what you think, check my purchase history, I haven't yet worked on all downloads, and what would be best to work on the erase this socially disabling effect. Which script is at work ?

Thanks for answering and best greetings !




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Hi Philippe,

I'm not Roger (sorry!) and I'm not a professional -- but I have done TONs of Roger's downloads, and they have radically changed my life. I also read - a lot - and I've suffered from debilitating anxiety, especially in front of a crowd. And for me, a crowd might be 5 people.

What you describe here: "a kind of imbalance,  legs staggering, a kind of dizziness" sounds like my experience of anxiety -- sometimes in front of people, and sometimes just alone in my car. You mention dizziness and imbalance, and I immediately think of hyperventilation.

For me, it's a vicious cycle in my mind -- I am anxious, therefore I breathe shallowly and quickly, and that type of breathing causes more anxiety (this is a physiologically proven fact) along with the physical effects you describe. Round we go, and there is no out.

The downloads I have selected below are the ones I feel have helped me the most with this type of anxiety. I hope they are helpful to you, as well.

All the best!

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Hi Marci,

A big thank you for your insight, your encouragement, and to know that these downloads finally really help. I've stared them foe a few weeks now, and there are so many parts in my functioning that were actually 'disfunctioning' that you may feel lost, not knowing where to star and where to put the emphasis. But I'll work with those you've indicated me, even many others really seem helpful and necessary. If you have some other infos you'd like to give me, I'd be glad.

One of my favourite download:

Deep breathing

Kind regards,



Recommended Downloads: