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Resisting instant gratification

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I have a goal to finish this (school) grade in June which in previous years I finished in September. The goal is pretty ambitious and hard, but achievable with constant effort. I am motivated to achieve this goal when I think about it, but when I have to put the work in I don't have the drive to justify starting to work towards it even when at the same time intellectually thinking about the goal I know it is in my best interest.

The problem also is I easily succumb to instant gratification trap and fail to put in constant effort toward achieving the goal - when faced with the fact I need to start working toward my goal, I'd rather do something else.

The problem at the same time is that I don't even begin to take baby steps (doing less than I planned to) when it is time to start putting work in but I just delay and delay...

If you could help me achieve my goal that would be amazing. :)

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

I've tagged some downloads below that can help. All the best with reaching your goal!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team