Unconscious passivity, lack of agency

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Hi. I am looking for a download that will help me train my awareness in social contexts, in which I tend to become too accommodating and lose myself. I understand all of the issues with passivity, but the problem is that in the moment with other people, the part of me that notices problems and should be advocating for me is as if across the room somewhere. It's like being in a dream and you know you're dreaming, but it doesn't occur to you that you can effect any change in the course of things. I do have Learned Helplessness, Be Less Passive, and a few others, but want something that directly reminds me to go beyond being a passive observer and *advocate* for what I want, because I know I'm supposed to, but only seem to know it when I'm home alone. Need to somehow live the knowledge. Hope this makes sense. Thank you--love your downloads!!

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Thank you for your question.

I hope you find one or more of the programs below to be of help.

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