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I get attached very easily to guys and become very jealous.

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I have this problem where I'll start hanging out with and casually dating a guy and I'll start to like him...A LOT. Then I'll obsess over him and I'll constantly be in fear that he's going to have sex with someone else or find someone else that's better than me.

Even though I'm not actually in a committed relationship with this guy, if I don't hear from him right away, my mind will drum up all these negative images of him "cheating" on me.

Which download can help me be more chill when it comes to me liking a guy I'm not actually committed to yet?

I was eyeing the "Overcome Jealousy" download, but it seems more geared to people who are already in committed relationships and not people who are casually dating.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

'Overcome Jealousy' could certainly help you, as it's about jealousy in all relationships, not just long-term commitments. I've tagged some other titles below that you may find useful, too. Have a look and see what resonates with you.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team