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My partner is due to start radiotherapy. She believes that it will do more harm than good, but is going ahead with treatment due to pressures from family. She is aware it will affect the cancer, but is conscious of the fact that it may affect other organs in her body.

She had a mastectomy of her right breast and it was reconstructed at the same time (12-hour operation). She is recovering well, but fear the radiotherapy may damage the breast, which by all accounts it can do. Follow-up revealed a micromastaces in 1 of 4 lymph nodes that were removed, so there is a 1% chance of reoccurrence.

She is a great believer in self-care and eating well, exercising, and taking minerals and vitamins, so the treatment does not sit well with her, as she believes she can fix it herself. I believe she could, as well, but regardless, she is going ahead with the radiotherapy on 5 September.

I have a few of the cancer scripts, but not sure they cover fear of radiotherapy.



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Hi Ed,

I'm sorry to hear about what your partner (and, by extension, you) is going through. Getting enough good food, exercise, and vitamins and minerals is certainly extremely important for overall health and wellbeing and may prevent some forms of cancer, but once cancer has developed, it is important to follow the advice of a qualified oncologist regarding proper treatment. It's true that cancer treatments can be hard on the whole body, but modern treatments are often gentler than they used to be and there are palliative measures to help reduce side effects.

In any case, you're correct that we don't have a script specfically for fear of radiotherapy, but I've tagged a few downloads below that I hope will help. You may have some of them already.

If you'd like to suggest that we create a program for fear of radiotherapy, you can do so in our MP3 suggestion section.

I hope your partner's treatments go well!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team