Learning Fast vs. Learn from a Pro

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I need to  decide between using the 'Learn Fast' MP3 and 'Learn from a Pro'. I am unable to figure out the difference between these two. Kindly help.

I already own the first one, but want to make sure that I am using my time on the right program.

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Hi Ninad,

Thank you for your question.

'Learn Fast' helps to change the listener's attitude to learning from the mindset that learning a new skill is hard to the natural mindset of simply absorbing new information, as we do when we're children.

'Learn from a Pro' works well for skills that you want to learn by evoking the experience of being an observant apprentice to a master in that skill. Which is, of course, a time-honored and well-tested way of learning a new skill.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team

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