Empty nesters seeking socialization without jealousy

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My husband and I are new empty nesters and have enjoyed getting to know one another all over again. Our marriage has been tough; we are different in personality. He is confident, outgoing. I am shy and insecure. Although, in the last few years, he has showed me so much love.

But as we talk about our future bucket list items, a lot of it revolves around socializing and making friends as a couple. We did this early in our marriage and it was not so successful, partly because I am very jealous when a girl talks to him.

Why? Well, once we were at a dance and he did not dance with me, but did with others. When I ask him for his attention, he said, "Go away, I am having fun." OUCH.

Other incidents of his choosing to enjoy some other woman's company more than mine have occurred as well. This was 30 years ago, now coming to the surface because we are in a better place and want to make friends. I think he is going through a midlife crisis because the socializing he/we want to do is extreme.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. However, I'm afraid I may not have your entire question because the question box got cut off by the character limit.

That said, I've provided some suggestions below for what I think you're asking. I hope they help! If you need anything more, please do reply or contact me through the support email and I'll see what else I can suggest.

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