Emergency termination of five-month pregnancy

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On behalf of my daughter living in Sydney, Australia. This is her sixth attempt at pregnancy. She has one beautiful six-year-old daughter and wanted another child. In this attempt, having had to terminate (give birth to) a previous child at around three months due to a very rare gene disfigurement, this time (the last attempt - there will be no more due to her age), baby was found to be two weeks behind in weight during a check-up. Amniotic fluids were tested due to previous history and unfortunately at around five months another very rare genetic disorder development has been found. Chances of baby going to full-term are highly unlikely and linked with abnormal gene development. Another termination was discussed and agreed to by all.

The trauma, emotional overwhelm of expectation, the sadness for all, and the daughter who will not have the sibling she was looking forward to is another great psychological blow for Mum and Dad, who knew it was a boy! Being induced today, baby born dead, then registering birth and death.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. I'm very sorry to hear about what your daughter and your entire family have been going through.

I've tagged a few downloads that I hope you and they find helpful.

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