How to build a better relationship with an adult stepchild?

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The relationship between my stepson and me has always been rough. He is now 24 years old and he tends to behave towards me (and frequently towards his father) with suspicion, hostility, and secrecy. It is very uncomfortable for me when he comes for overnight visits.

He is currently going through a tough time. He graduated college in December, his mother died in January, and in February he started a new job, which he hates. Now he wants to come stay with my husband and me so he can figure out his next step.

The thought of sharing our house with him is not a happy one. I would like to be able to support him and offer him love, but he is just so damn prickly. He seems pissed off and resentful that I exist. On the other hand, he told his father that he was hurt that my husband and I did not immediately throw down the welcome mat when he asked if he could come home. He offered no details or information, just sent a brief text.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear that your stepson is going through such a rough time and that having him in your house is so uncomfortable for you. I have to think that it's probably not that comfortable for him, either.

You didn't say much about what you're looking to achieve with our downloads, so it's a bit tricky to recommend something here. But I've tagged a few programs below for your consideration. I hope one of them helps!

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