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Blushing when I speak about myself in groups or in public speaking

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I downloaded the stop blushing and self-conscious hypnosis from this site about five years ago and I did not find it helped. I feel like I was not using this right.

I go to church and we have cell groups with four to five people where we share our gains and thoughts on certain topics; I can't seem to share without blushing. I feel like I have anxiety because of this. I'm not able to do a lot of things that I want to, like going up in large groups to share my thoughts or even share in little groups. I'm really desperate to end this. I don't want to live like this anymore.

I know it's all in my mind, but I don't know where to start to help myself. I feel that God has led me to this hypnosis program. Please help me find the best treatment.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

I empathize. :) I used to blush whenever I had to stand up in class to give a speech and it'd be worse if I was reading something I myself wrote. Over the years, with practice and joining the speech team to face it head-on, I overcame blushing. But all that was more than a decade before I found HypnosisDownloads and Mark's articles like '5 Nifty Tips to Stop Blushing'.

Taking practical steps like practicing and getting more comfortable speaking in front of groups is one way to combat blushing, but it's arguably 'the hard way' of doing it. To this day, there are times when I will still blush (my ears if not my cheeks), but I started being able to relax with it happening and that is at least half the battle against blushing. Blushing is, as you know, a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more you worry about blushing (in advance or during), the more likely you are to blush. The less you worry, the less you blush.

A faster and much more comfortable way to overcome it is to hypnotically rehearse over and over feeling relaxed and comfortable speaking in front of people, which the downloads below will help you do. I hope you find one or more of them helpful!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team