Fear of possession

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One night three years back, in sleep I felt that I was floating and somebody pressing me and I couldn't call my parents also. I called my father and he did something as he was Varma cum Accu practitioner. But from that day onwards I wasn't able to be alone in home or sleep alone.

Two years ago, my father expired and that's the first time I am seeing all the riots nearby and that makes a lot of difference in my life. My mother went in depression and she started getting possession of my father daily on her body, one day she behaved so angrily and almost five times my father came in her.

From that day onwards, my fear and thoughts increased. Even I started feeling that some pressure is coming in my body and head, and I felt I am also going to get like my mother. Three times I have experienced that feeling, first time in home, second when doing puja for dead people, third in temple. If I felt that change, immediately I left that place, I never behaved as if somebody in my body.

I want to get rid off from this fear.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about what you and your mother have gone through.

From your description, it sounds like what happened three years ago is that you experienced the phenomenon known as 'sleep paralysis'. When we're dreaming, our bodies are naturally paralyzed so that we don't act out our dreams. If we wake up before we've fully left the dreaming stage of sleep, it can be very unnerving to find we can't move and this (combined with the fact that sometimes the dream images are superimposed on our visual input of the room around us) is often the source of beliefs in demon possession or alien abductions, the idea being that the demon/alien is sitting on the sleeper's chest since the body feels heavy and immobile. But all this is a natural and safe protection, simply your mind and body trying to keep you safe, and not a cause for concern or indication of possession.

As for the last two years, it's hard for me to say just based on what you've said here, but I suspect that your mother is still grieving your father and perhaps suffering some trauma or anxiety from having lost him. Depression and anger are common symptoms of these things.

And for you, with your increased fears and what you describe of what you've felt, it sounds as though you might be experiencing anxiety yourself and perhaps panic attacks.

You say your father helped you when you felt uneasy three years ago, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he loved you and your mother. Why would he then try to possess either of you or cause you distress? :)

I hope you find one or more of the suggested downloads below helpful.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team