General anxiety, hyperhidrosis, etc.

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I have general anxiety; hyperhidrosis, but sweat even more when nervous, excited, etc.; can't speak in front of a group of people even if they are friends and family; can only drive in nearby areas and avoid highways as I'm petrified of being in an accident; scared as a passenger in a moving vehicle if it's moving too fast; am nervous about meeting new people; am petrified of spiders; cringe at being the centre of attention; have repetitive bad thoughts; am scared of trying new things and the unknown; and scared of moving forward and having a career in case I fail.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your question and apologies for my delay in responding.

That's quite a list, but you needn't worry about trying to address all of it at once.

Oftentimes, if you work on one issue, other areas will improve as well, like a pleasant side effect or dominoes falling over. Confidence in one area can bleed over into another. :) And since you say you have general anxiety, that may well underlie many of the other things you mentioned, so I'd start there.

That said, I've tagged some downloads below for you to have a look at. Feel free to start with whatever speaks most strongly to you.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team