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I was wondering if the low-carb hypnosis download discourages eating fat? The information states: "no longer feeling tempted by sugary or fatty foods".

I want to again follow a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle and I'm concerned this hypnosis might clash with the high fat (healthy fat) I eat.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Julie,

Thank you for your question and apologies for my delay in responding.

I've had a look at the script for this session and I think this passage will reassure you:

"So as you relax to the hypnotic part of this download you’ll be re-accessing your natural instincts for what kind of foods you evolved to thrive on, and to shift the bias in your diet away from high carb, high sugar food, towards a balanced, healthy diet where you can still be flexible and compromise when you have to, but your general orientation is towards simple, good food, high quality protein and lots of vegetables, and not over-complicating how to eat well, get and stay slim, and feel great."

The download mentions the need to reduce carbs (including sugar) a few times, but fat is not discussed except in regards to how a high-carb diet can lead to more fat being stored.

I hope that helps! :)

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team

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