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I have a habit of not keeping my room clean and it's a mess. Whenever I try to clean my room, I lose my motivation after some time and don't clean for days. When I do clean, it gets messy again the next day.

Could you please recommend to me which downloads I should listen to help me in keeping my place organized and clean?

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Hi Nikunj,

Thank you for your question.

Having a good sense of organization and returning items to their organized place after you use them (such as always putting your shoes in the same spot when you take them off or hanging your coat on the same hook when you come in) is one of the best ways to prevent having to do a big clean-up later. It breaks the cycle of clean, mess builds, have to clean again. There are plenty of practical tips you can find on how to do this and the 'Get Organized' download will help you implement those.

There's no need to be 'obsessive' about staying organized like that, but it's easier to keep up a little bit of routine organization as you go than work up the motivation (not to mention make the time) for a huge clean.

You also save time looking for things when they're always in the same spot. :) I know I left my shoes in a different place the other day and it took me longer to get ready to go out because I had to stop and remember where I'd last seen them.

I hope you find the downloads below to be helpful!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team

Recommended Downloads: