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Returning smoker

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I have a hypnosis client that started smoking again after having quit for one year. She wants to start over from scratch. What protocol should I use for her highest benefit?

Thanks so much,


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Hi Susan,

Well, it's great she quit for a year - she became a proper nonsmoker rather than just a smoker who was trying not to smoke. It would have become natural for her not to self-harm with tobacco as, of course, it is more natural. I would use all the stuff we teach on the course, such as extending the abusive relationship analogy and describing how, as a meaningful but one-sided and abusive relationship ends, often the ex-, manipulative partner will take advantage of the person they formally abused. So they might call them up when they are vulnerable or drunk or lonely and just promise one date but somehow they con the person back into a destcutive relationship again.

For some people, this will happen a few times before they finally break away forever from this person. Of course, we are really talking about smoking and how there may need to be a little to-ing and fro-ing and seeing the old 'abuser' through rose-tinted spectacles for a while, but she needs to be ready to see through its lies and will soon start to wonder why she ever felt she needed it in her life. So I'd frame it as a part of the process of stopping for good and just use all the other metpahors and hypnotic techniques taught in How to Stop Anyone Smoking. You should still have access to the course, Susan, but let the Uncommon Care Team know if you need any help on that score.

The great thing is she's stopped for a year and, as we know, everyone stops smoking - it's just a question of which party ends the relationship first. : )

All best wishes,


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