Separated in the last year, depression, grief, and major weight gain, which download to start with?

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I could download so many of your sessions. Right now, I am desperately trying to stop overeating, start exercising again (used to be an avid runner and cross-fitter), and lose 70 lbs.

I've gone through a huge amount of life-changing events in the past year: laid off, separating from my 3-year-old's father (not my choice), and hospitalizing my 15-year-old because of self-harm. I've managed to get us all back on track.

However, I've been binge eating, can't get myself to exercise (have chronic pain, which is exasperated by weight), and have gained so much weight. I was hiding from my friends for a while because of shame around my weight. I've had life-long eating disorders, including starvation and binge/purge cycles. I recently realized that due to survival mode I did not process the grief of rejection and loss of family caused by my separation and that I am very depressed.

I've been using hypnosis apps but need something else as my mind wanders too much. Which set of downloads should I start with?

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Hi there,

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in responding. This section of the site was having technical difficulties, it took our IT team some time to find and fix the problem, and I'm working through the backlog as quickly as I can. :)

Secondly, I'm sorry to hear about all you and your family have been through!

We always recommend that you start with whatever issue is most pressing for you. For instance, if you want to lose weight but also have a big presentation coming up at work next week, then dealing with the presentation nerves comes first since it's more immediate.

So, since you said, "right now...", I would suggest you start with the 'Weight Management Pack', since that will help you lose weight and boost your exercise motivation. (You might also want to get 'Stop Binge Eating' since you mentioned that as a specific issue.) We also have a 'Chronic Pain Management' download that should help with your pain levels while you get started with that.

If you need it for your teen, we do have a download for self-harm, as well.

You may also like to know that we're currently offering free access to the introduction and first session of our Natural Depression Treatment Program.

You mentioned your mind wandering during hypnosis, so it's worth mentioning that that's all right. :) Our downloads often even encourage the conscious mind to wander so that the unconscious mind can process the suggestions without interference from the more analytical part of the mind. You can read more here.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team