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Trouble finding the words when speaking

Irma Arsinevici's picture

I have a learning disability. When I'm talking to someone face-to-face, I can never find the words, but I can write essays just fine. When I go to the doctor's, I have to have what I say rehearsed because if I wasn't prepared then I would be lost for words. The problem is when I'm talking to people and they make assumptions but I can't tell them how and why they're wrong, so I can't process things and come up with responses fast enough.

Rebekah Hall's picture

Hi Lisa,

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in responding. This section of the site was having technical difficulties, it took our IT team some time to find and fix the problem, and I'm working through the backlog as quickly as I can. :)

We have a few downloads to help with speaking, which I've linked below. I hope you find that one of them suits!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team