Recovering lost memory of an air accident

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I am looking for script suggestions and/or general advice on helping a client recover lost memory of an aircraft accident.

He was a flying examiner on a flight with one other in a light plane that crashed and has no memory of what happened from before the start of the flight until he came out of a coma two weeks later. He was badly injured, obviously, but has made a good recovery over a period of two years.

The pilot he was examining was not so badly injured.

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Hi Garry,

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in responding. This section of the site was having technical difficulties, it took our IT team some time to find and fix the problem, and I'm working through the backlog as quickly as I can. :)

The important thing to remember about hypnosis is that it is not a perfect way of recovering memory. It seems likely, due to the pilot's injuries and resultant coma, that the memory would not have had a chance to be properly laid down in long-term storage, especially if he suffered any degree of brain injury. If that's the case, then there's nothing to 'recover', because nothing was stored. You may find this article on hypnosis and memory helpful in this.

In addition, the idea of repression is incorrect, because when a memory is traumatic, the person has trouble forgetting the event, as in the case of nightmares and flashbacks.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help here. Please pardon the suggested download below; it's a requirement of this form that I select something or I can't publish this reply.

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