Overly sensitive to smells

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I have allergies, but no specific ones to perfume, so it isn't an asthma trigger. But I find some people's cologne, body spray, deodorant, and the like overpowering and hard to ignore. It is like someone is invading my lungs. It seems personal scent these days is stronger and more lasting than before.

I would like to be less irritated by the scents of others, especially since I can't escape from it at the office and in public places. I see you have a Supercharged Smell; do you have one that lets me relax, ignore, and train my subconscious mind to just ignore it?

I admit to some dread of situations where I know a strong cologne user will be present, because I find the scent makes it hard to concentrate or avoid.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, we don't yet have a download dealing specifically with scents, though we have a couple to help people ignore noises that bother them. So you might want to suggest this as a topic.

However, you mentioned being irritated by scents and dreading situations that are coming up, so I've tagged 'Stop Being Irritable' and 'Anticipatory Anxiety' for you to look at. And a general relaxation program like the others I've tagged might help you be more relaxed in general, be less bothered by scents, and mentally rehearse being relaxed in situations where you know you might have to be exposed to scents.

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team